In addition to the product itself, the support provided by TFS staff is timely and has been very helpful in getting the most out of TFS.
— Platinum Direct Finance

You've Already Invested In Software. That's a Good Thing.

  • Leverage any previous investment in systems by integrating them into the TFS Platform.
  • Improve utilisation of existing systems as they become more rich with freely available, integrated data.
  • Custom integration is a breeze. with a range of approaches available to cater for any scenario.

Tangible Benefits For All.

  • Replace duplicate data entry and repetitive tasks with data synchronisation between systems.
  • Reduce errors, and free up your team with consistent and reliable systems integration.
  • Save effort, time, and money on unneeded processes that can be simplified, made faster, or completely eliminated.

What's On Offer?

  • Synchronise leads, prospects, customers, accounts, and opportunities from leads management and front-end CRM systems across your business.
  • Automatically create customers and applications in all operational systems, keeping them in sync at all times.
  • Powerful links to accounting systems keep them updated, raise customer invoices and process payments
  • Perform low-level consistency checks on important data across systems to ensure integrity of your systems and processes.