TFS Calculator

We would have no hesitation in recommending TFS to our industry.
— Laurentide Financial Services Pty Ltd

Accurate Finance Quoting Couldn't Be Easier.

At the heart of TFS is a comprehensive and complex calculation engine that has been made very easy to use.

Specifically designed for the needs of today’s broker, it supports all major types of finance calculation.

The Industry's Most Advanced Finance Calculator.

  • COGS, Fees, Brokerage, Residuals, Base & Effective Rates, Terms, Repayments and all aspects of determining Term Charges are covered.
  • Provide your customers with a finance solution to suit their situation with single payments, group payments, and custom payments.
  • With unique support for special input (GST) paybacks around otherwise normal payments, you’ll deliver structured deals impossible to calculate, that will be exactly what the financiers require for chattel (SSA) finance.
  • With full support for seasonally structured payments, agribusiness finance is also covered.
  • Full amortisation schedule support, including principal and interest components, annualised totals, and indicative actuarial and rule-of-78 payout guidance.
  • Support for every niche of the calculating and quoting systems of Australia's major lenders.