Smartlodge & Smartdocs

Capture4.PNG double-entry is required to lodge applications online, the saving in time are significant.
— Corporate Finance (Aust) Pty Ltd



Automatically submit financier applications.

The SmartLodge facility enables brokers to automatically lodge finance applications directly into the internal systems of participating financiers.

SmartLodge provides brokers with a ‘key once’ approach to maintaining databases and interacting with lenders. Being able to submit applications electronically through SmartLodge saves brokers both time and money as data only needs to be entered once before easily submitting it into an online lenders system without double handling, and with the risk of error greatly reduced.


Benefits For Both Brokers & Lenders

  • Custom Applications – Lenders dictate the content and format of the information received from the broker
  • Validation – Lenders can have TFS validate that all required content is supplied and included
  • No double handling – applications don’t need to be manually keyed by staff
  • Less work – brokers can have a preference for a financier whose applications can be processed electronically from within TFS
  • Increased efficiency – broker and lenders both increase efficiency through reduced processing and turnaround times between application lodgement, approval, and settlement.



Automatically Populate Financier Documentation.

The SmartDocs facility enables brokers to automatically produce financier documentation, significantly reducing the administrative burden in producing documentation.

Having authorised documentation at your fingertips means that brokers can quickly produce financier documentation, by automatically populating required information from the data they have already captured. Producing financier documentation is now as easy as a click of a button.