TFS Office

As soon as TFS was demonstrated to me, I knew this was the software package we needed for our business.
— Zenith Finance

Effortlessly manage... Everything.

  • Every client detail that can be thrown at you has a place.
  • Individuals, companies, and partnerships, each with their unique differences, are easily managed.
  • Contacts, Directors, Guarantors, Trading Names, Financials, Cash Flow, References, Assets & Liabilities. We've got it covered.
  • Data is secure with full permission control and access restriction.
  • Manage and report on unlimited companies from one place.
  • Tiered broker management allows sub-brokers to manage their own clients.

Finance Application Management, without the headaches.

  • The entire application process is managed and performed without leaving The Finance Shop
  • Specific support for asset purchase, lease, chattel (SSA), novated lease, mortgage, and more.
  • Detailed application information including finance type, purpose, etc.
  • Comprehensive work flow of all important activities.
  • Detailed specification of asset information.
  • Comprehensive calculations, repayments, and amortisation schedule support.
  • Full revenue management including brokerage, commissions, fees, and invoices.
  • Set budget volume targets for financiers by month.
  • Track volume brokerage incentives achieved.
  • Report on broker/sub-broker contributions to incentives for disbursement.

Industry Standard Reporting.


  • The Finance Shop comes with dozens of standard reports, many of which are the foundation of industry best-practices and procedures.
  • Flexible criteria supports significant customisation of all reports
  • Reports include workflows, residuals due, insurance premium follow up, volumes by broker, financier, industry, referral and marketing analysis, charts, documents, forms, and many more.
  • Manage and report on your entire Work in Progress (WIP)

The Key is Communication.

  • Capture a prospect's details and supply them with a quote in minutes.
  • Prospects become clients and quotes become applications quickly and effectively.
  • Email quotes, applications, reports, or any important information with a click.
  • Letters, labels, and entire marketing campaigns are at your fingertips.
  • Fully integrated mail merge functionality allows you to cut down on typing and errors, and keep immaculate records.
  • Standard business letters and templates included out-of-the-box.
  • Advanced follow-up tools ensure you never miss an important task.
  • SMS and email tools included at no charge.